Monday, April 10, 2017



I strongly believe we should have rubbish bins in our school first so we don't put it in our bags
so we have no rubbish flying around
because the environment is the best.

Firstly we need rubbish bins so we have some where else to put our rubbish and our parents will get angry because our bags are smelly dirty and wet.

Secondly we need rubbish bins so our teachers watch us put them in the rubbish bins and so the teachers don’t yell at use to pick up rubbish that sometimes ant ours.

Lastly we should have rubbish bins so we never have to be a rubbish free school because being a rubbish free school means making us students put the rubbish in our bags.

Should we wear sun hats at school

Should we wear hats at school

I Recommend We should wear sun hats at school because do you want the number of  melanoma to go down there is about four thousand  people are diagnosed and 300 hundred people die each year.Do you really want melanoma?
It's bad having melanoma even sometimes people make you cry because they mock you
Sometimes you can always ask your principal or your teacher if you can wear your own hats from your home.

Firstly when you go to school  people would say that you don't suit that hat or say that you're ugly but you just stand straight and tall and walk away.

Secondly it's bad not wearing a hat because it causes melanoma (skin cancer) it's good to care about yourself especially when you don't have a hat so go buy a hat right now.
Lastly why doesn't anyone love sun hats their good to protect your heads and the bucket hats look cool.?

Finally  so you do need sun hats or hats from your house so you won’t get melanoma  or skin cancer and the doctor will say your melanoma  free you can live your life not thinking about do I have melanoma. But you still have to take care of yourself.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sir edmund Hillary

This is my Sir Edmund Hillary project that i'v did for the week.