Friday, October 20, 2017

Room 6s Car Pool karoke

car pool karoke we did for our assembally ,we all got in to 3s and 4s and picked a song and lip singed it and made some dance moves.


Weekly Plenary

This is our weekly plearnary that we do every friday so our teacher knows what we need to work on and what were good at.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Maori Translate

 This is my maori translate I did words and changed them into english  and then into maori.

The life cycle of a Cicada

Life cycle of a Cicada

Have you ever wonder about the Cicada's life cycle?

Firstly The 13- or 17-year life cycle of a periodical cicada begins when an adult female cicada lays her eggs in slits she cuts in the twigs and branches of trees.

Cicada Life CycleImage result for cicada early nymphSecondly nymphs drink sap from the xylem of various species of tree including oak cypress willow ash and maple while it is common folklore that adults do not eat they actually do drink sap utilizing.

Cicada Life CycleFinally
The world's largest species of cicada is the Mega Pomponia imperatoria, which is native to Malaysia. The largest species in North America is Neo Tibicen auletes, aka the Northern Dusk Singing Cicada.

We have talked about a cicada's life cycle and how it is like, from when they are eggs and and when the turn into a adult.